Sports Vision

Sports Vision Q & A

What is sports vision?

Sports vision refers to vision care focused on the specialized needs of athletes. Dr. Kirschen specializes in sports vision and provides comprehensive eye care that can improve eye health, safety, and performance for athletes and weekend warriors.

When it comes to physical activity, your performance depends not only on the clarity of your vision, but also on how well your eyes track objects, your hand-eye coordination, and your depth perception.

During a sports vision evaluation, Dr. Kirschen evaluates these vital visual tools and develops a treatment plan to help you improve them, which in turn improves your athletic abilities.  

Am I a good candidate for sports vision?

Dr. Kirschen determines if you’re a good candidate for sports vision services during a comprehensive eye exam. If you participate in sports, whether at school or recreationally, you may benefit from a consultation with Dr. Kirschen.

In addition to assessing your vision needs and eye health, sports vision also focuses on eye safety, which is important whether you play an organized sport or a pick-up basketball game a few times a week with your friends. 

What happens during a sports vision evaluation?

Dr. Kirschen performs a comprehensive eye exam when you come in for a sports vision evaluation. During your exam, he asks detailed questions about your sport, your performance goals, and areas of struggle, as well as your vision and eye health history, medical history, and family history.

After the interview, Dr. Kirschen performs a number of specialized tests to assess your visual acuity, eye movement, depth perception, eye tracking, alignment, and eye preference. He also assesses your visual processing speed and hand-eye coordination.

What are sports vision treatments?

Dr. Kirschen develops individualized sports vision treatment plans based on the results of your comprehensive eye exam and your specific athletic goals and performance needs. Sports vision is very individualized and the specifics of your plan depends on many factors. 

Sports vision treatments include:

  • Eye exercises

  • Eye therapy program (physical therapy for the eyes)

  • Visualization activities

  • Protective eyewear

  • Corrective eyewear

  • Contact Lenses

During your sports vision treatments, Dr. Kirschen works one-on-one with you using advanced tools and techniques to improve your visual system and your athletic abilities. 

To learn more about sports vision and how it can improve your game, call Customized Vision Care or use the online booking tool to request an appointment today.