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Reception Area

Our reception area welcomes our patients to the practice. Here our patients meet our wonderful staff and feel at home. We have various magazines and a children's play area for our patients and their families.


Pretesting Area

The Marco AutoRefractor (pictured to the right) allows the staff collect information that will help the doctor determine the curvature of the front of the eye which in turn allows the doctor to determine the patient's prescription with the most precision.

The Kowa Digital Fundus Camera (pictured in the center) allows the staff to photograph the internal structures of the eye. These photos become a permanent part of the patient's medical record and helps the doctors determine if the eye is free of disease. This test can often be done without eye drops to dilate the eyes.

The Humphrey frequency doubling technology (FDT) perimeter (pictured to the left) allows the staff to screen rapidly for any side or peripheral vision loss. Its is a quick and easy way to screen for vision loss from glaucoma or neurological disease.

Pretesting Area 1

Pretesting Area 2



Examination Room

Each examination room is equipped with the latest testing instrumentation that allows the doctors to perform a comprehensive eye examination. The rooms also have specialized instruments for the examination of infants, young children, and elderly patients. The projection system used also allows for a Professional Sports Vision Examination to be performed in the same room. Each room is fully computerized for electronic medical records and allows the doctor to review and share with the patient the Digital Fundus Photo taken in the pretesting area.

examination room 1

examination room 2


examination room 3

examination room 4



Frame Selection Area

Our remodeled frame selection area is the showplace of our office. We have frames and accessories in all price ranges and in styles that meet all of our patient's optical needs. We have designer frames in all the latest styles, children's frames, sports goggles for children and adults, safety frames, and a large selection of sunglasses including Oakley. Our staff is expert in assisting our patients select the frames that allow them to look their best while providing them with their optimal visual correction.

frame selection area

frame selection area



Sports Vision Center

Our Sports Vision Center is the newest addition to the office. With Dr. Kirschen's sports vision expertise and state-of-the-art sports vision equipment, our sports vision training program can train serious athletes to optimize their visual skills on the field. For more information about sports vision, please go to the Sports Vision section of our website.

Pretesting Area 1

Pretesting Area 2


Pretesting Area 1

Pretesting Area 2




Customized Vision Care
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