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Meet Trang


In the very first optometry office that Trang worked in, she helped a patient who had just moved to the United States from South Africa. The moment the patient put on her new glasses, she started crying tears of joy—she told the team she’d never known it was possible to see that well. From that moment on, Trang knew that she wanted to continue helping others see their very best as a member of the optometry profession! She’s proud to serve as an Optometric Technician here at Customized Vision Care.

Trang is originally from Largo, Florida and has worked in the optometry field for more than 10 years. She’s fond of ocular anatomy and loves learning all she can about ocular disease, binocular vision, and vision therapy. Trang hopes to attend optometry school herself in the near future! She’s been a part of the Customized Vision Care family since June of 2021 and looks forward to continuing to build relationships with the patients of the area.

Away from work, Trang enjoys working out at the gym, playing tennis, baking, traveling internationally, and spending quality time with her fiancé. She’s also an avid fan of everything Disney and Harry Potter!



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