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Eye Care Services Provided at Complete Vision Care

At Customized Vision Care our Optometrist in Brea offers several services to meet your vision care needs, below are some of the services offered by our Brea optometrist:

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• Comprehensive eye exams for people of all ages (as well as eyeglasses and contact lenses exams)

• Contact lenses exam and fitting (for new contact wearers)

• Contact lenses refitting

• Contact lenses for people who require a special type of lenses

• Daily disposable contact lenses

• Disposable contact lenses 2-week and monthly

• Lenses to correct astigmatism called a ‘Toric’

• Bifocal contact lenses

• Multifocal contact lenses

• Colored contacts – to change the color of your eyes

• Oxygen penetrable rigid contacts

• Orthoptics (vision training)

• Eye Strain and other eye problems caused by computer use

• Sports eye exams and treatments

Our Brea Optometrist places importance on not only the eye examination and treatments of eye diseases but also on educating the patient in how to maintain healthy eyes.

Our office has state of the art equipment allowing our eye doctor to provide the most accurate and advanced testing available.


• Detailed report of the patient and their family medical and eye history

• Visual perception exam for the appropriate age group

• Detailed exam of the pupil’s structure and function

• Color vision assessment

• Complete exam of the peripheral structures of the eyes including the lids and surrounding areas

• Glaucoma screening (intraocular pressure of both eyes)

• Assessment of the ability of both eyes to move and track

• Evaluation and stereo-acuity of Binocular vision

• Exam of ocular placement at a distance and near viewing

• Identification of an irregular head position

• Examine the structures of the anterior part of the eyes including the following – pupils, lens, anterior vitreous, conjunctiva, cornea, and iris

• Eye dilation exam to check the back of the eye where the retina and optic nerve are located

• Check the need for corrective lenses or glasses by checking the person's refractive error

Consultation & Eye Exam

Dr. David Kirschen Optometrist in Brea will ask you a series of questions during the eye exam to see if the person is experiencing any problems or displaying any symptoms of an eye condition or disease, he will also inquire about any medications being taken, the eye doctor will also ask about your work environment, if you experience any blurry vision, and how your overall health is. A family history and any prior eye or vision diseases or conditions will be discussed.

Vision Testing

Regular eye testing and exams help make sure you will have the clearest and the vision possible. Our Brea optometrist provides consistent vision acuity testing as a part of the comprehensive eye examination. The eye doctor will measure how well each eye is seeing using a chart on the wall, you be asked to read the letters on the smallest line you can see. The Brea Optometrist will then determine the fraction of the eye test with 20/20 vision being the best. If your vision is not 20/20 then eyeglasses or contacts will be recommended to correct your vision to 20/20.

Eye Function Testing

Our Brea optometrist does several eye tests to assess your depth perception, peripheral vision, responsiveness to light, color vision, and eye muscle abilities. In addition, other tests will also be performed to check how well your eyes focus, move, or work together correctly. These tests will allow Dr. Kirschen our Optometrist in Brea to be able detect any underlying diseases or conditions that may be causing the eyes to not be able to properly work together or focus.


Before the eye doctor decides you need glasses or contacts to correct (improve) your vision your refractive error will be tested, with a series of different lenses are presented for you to look through, while you tell the eye doctor which one is clearer or which one you can see out of better. Sometimes measurements are taken with an automated instrument or a phoropter, both are painless.

Corrective Lenses

After the exam the Brea Optometrist will be able to determine your refractive error, he will work with you to decide if you would be more comfortable with glasses or contacts to correct your impaired vision. If you have dry eye or allergies, glasses are probably your best choice as contacts are likely to irritate your eyes with those conditions. If you decide on contact lenses, you will need to decide what type you want you can choose from soft daily lenses, soft weekly, soft bi-weekly, or soft monthly lenses. You can also choose lenses that are rigid gas permeable. You may also need a special type of lenses if you have certain eye conditions such as astigmatism, these lenses are called Toric.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses

You also have the option to get lenses that can change the color of your eyes, enhance your natural color coverup any irregularity in the color of your eyes.

Pediatric Optometry Services

Dr. Kirschen is skilled in Pediatric Optometry he examines and cares for the following conditions in children – lazy eye, wandering eye(s), poor vision (both near and far away), double vision, blocked tear ducts, droopy eyelids, eye injury, eye diseases caused by premature birth, and our Optometrist in Brea also evaluates a child’s school performance and their vision to see if there is a connection.


Dr. Kirschen will exam your infant to make sure they are able to see clearly by looking for near or farsightedness, astigmatism, and make sure the eyes are aligned properly and working together. This is perfectly safe for your infant and the eye doctor is very gentle and caring as not to frighten your baby. Identifying eye problems at an early age can save your now infant problems as they grow-up.

These are the majority of services offered at Customized Vision Care. If you are looking for a service not listed please, contact us as %CLIENT_PHONE% to learn more.


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